Improve payment success rates and comply with SCA

Edward Fillbrook explores that since its launch, SCA has changed the e-commerce payments market. Several of these changes are positive. 

However, there are also implications for businesses regarding increased friction in the customer journey, internal process changes, and concerns with checkout declines and abandonment rates. 

The detailed article explores perspectives on the following key topics:

✔ How SCA has changed the e-commerce payment landscape

✔ Ways to improve payment success rates whilst remaining compliant

✔ How to ensure an exemption strategy based on the analysis of transaction risk

✔ Why prioritising mobile payments is important

With inflation continuing to rise and energy prices showing little sign of falling, the time is right to explore how best to adopt SCA and remove friction in the customer journey. Also, avoid higher abandonment which could impact sales. 

Read the full story in the link below. 

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Ed Fillbrook
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